Dr. Razack is Founder and President of the Spine & Brain Neurosurgery Center where it is his mission to offer the best in medical care by combining a multidisciplinary team of specialized physicians with the latest technologies for improved quality of life.  The center offers complete care including comprehensive consultations, MRI imaging, non-surgical pain management and the latest surgical technologies for the spine and brain.  The movement disorders clinic that is part of Spine & Brain Neurosurgery Center, is the only place in Central Florida where complete neurosurgical care is offered for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremors.


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World's First: Mazor Robotics DBS Surgery

Celebration Neurosurgeon Performs World’s First Mazor Robotics Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s. In August, Nizam Razack, MD, JD performed the world’s first deep brain stimulation (DBS) using Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System at Celebration Health hospital. Dr. Razack performed the same procedure later on two more patients with positive results.

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New Hope: Parkinson's Disease

New Hope For People Suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Local CFN13 story featuring Dr. Razack and Mazor Robotics. Doctors use the Mazor Robotics device, which is the size of a soda can, to take images and x-rays of a patient's brain and map out the problem areas.


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Future of Robotic Surgery

The Future of Robotics - There are big things happening in brain surgery, and this is one of them, and it's happening in Central Florida.  Dr. Nizam Razack of the Spine and Brain Neurosurgery Center is a leader in robotic brain surgery. 

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Nizam Razack, MD, JD, FAANS, FACS is a board certified neurosurgeon who is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. Available for medical and legal consultation as well as speaking engagements and interviews. 


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